WARNING: The inaugural class starts soon and there are only 3 spots left...
Are You Ready to
It's time to finally get that book out of your head and onto the page! You have been itching to be a published author - now you can!
There Are Only 8 Authors in Each Round of How to Write a Book in 3 Months! 
If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...
How to Write a Book in 3 Months is an online course with 8 weeks of video content, handouts, live calls, and continuing support from an amazing community of authors.

The final 4 weeks of the course are focused, dedicated writing time for you! I will be available throughout that month for one-on-one support, progress check-ins, and answering your questions.

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have a completed draft of your nonfiction manuscript!
There is always a reason NOT to write your book.
You have NO idea where to start.

You aren't 100% sure what to write about.

You have NO TIME in your busy life to write a book.

You started a book YEARS ago and never finished it.
What If I Told You None of that Matters?
What if you could let go of all the fear, doubt, anxiety, and questions that come with just the IDEA of writing a book?
If you have been thinking about and dreaming about writing a book and getting your knowledge and story out into the world for YEARS, then you are in the right place!
8 Modules Chock Full of Content
Week 1: Refining Book Ideas & Writing Tools
Week 2: Making Writing A Habit & Creating An Outline
Week 3: Breaking Down Chapters & Genre Word Count
Week 4: Storytelling, POVs, & Writing Styles
Week 5: Making Money From Your Book
Week 6: Peer Review & Self-Editing Techniques
Week 7: Publishing Options & The Editing Process
Week 8: What Comes After The Writing is Done?
4 Weeks of Dedicated, Focused Writing Time
After 8 weeks of content, handouts, and weekly calls, that time will then be folded into your existing writing time for you to have four solid weeks of focused writing time. 

During those four weeks, you will have one-on-one support from me and your fellow class members.
Before we go any further, I want you to know up front that there are a few things not allowed while the class is in session...
  • Not a place to sell to other members! If you and your classmates want to work together on business things, please wait until the course is complete.
  • Not a place to recruit clients! Which means YOU won't be getting recruited, either.
  • Not a place to be complacent! Be involved and engaged.
Here's what you're getting...
  •  At the end of this 12-week course, you will have a nonfiction book manuscript and a comprehensive understanding of the process of writing a book. You will have a new group of supportive author friends. You will have lifetime access to the videos and handouts to keep as reference for everything from exercises to improve your writing skills, free and paid tools you can use for writing, how to self-edit, examples of how to use your book as a marketing tool, and so much more!
Why Now?
You have been waiting long enough. 

You've been thinking and dreaming of writing a book and seeing your name on the cover for YEARS. 

Whether it's not knowing where or how to start or you just haven't had the time before, your dream has been deferred long enough. 

If not now, when? 

Right now, you could be starting and have written your book in only THREE MONTHS. Three months from now, you will kick yourself for not starting. 

Every journey starts with a single step. Every book starts with the first word.

And that's not all...
Your Exclusive Bonuses
THREE one-on-one calls with me throughout the course:

One to create an outline together
One to go over my review of your work halfway through the course
One during your dedicated writing time for checking in and support
24/7 email support from me throughout the entire course!
Exclusive access to our private, members-only Facebook group.

Interact with your fellow authors
Ask questions
Have access to me through the group
Support when you need it
And more!
Who am I?
My name is Jyssica Schwartz.

I am a full-time writer, editor, and book coach based in Brooklyn, New York. 

I have always been a writer but was too scared to set up shop. When I turned 30 and rang in 10 years in my career in corporate sales and business development, I realized I needed to try being a professional writer. If I failed, at least I would have tried. Instead, I succeeded faster than I ever thought possible and quit my full-time day job only 90 days later!

I have authored two books of my own, ghostwritten books for others, edit both fiction and nonfiction books, write weekly blogs for various companies, and do one-on-one book coaching with  authors. 

I've taken all of my experience writing books and working with dozens of authors to write, edit, and publish their manuscripts to create this course. 

They have written their books - now it's your turn!

Some books I have done book coaching for or editing:
  • Sometimes It Hurts: A Transgender Woman’s Journey by Allison Whitaker
  •  Break the (food) Rules: Unleashing Your Natural Ability to Eat Intuitively, Listen to Your Gut, & Feel Great by Dr. Lauryn Lax
  •  Angie Moon and The Legends: The Speedster by Huda Ayaz
  •  Empowered Sexy & Free Volume 2: Eight Vulnerable Stories of Loss of Self, Reclamation of Power & Unleashing Inner Brilliance by Jolie Dawn
  •  The Spiritual Journey of Entrepreneurship by Jolie Dawn
  •  The Hunger House by Conor McGuire
My Books:
Join this amazing growing community of authors writing their nonfiction books. 

Haven't you always wanted to write a book?

If not now, when?
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